Monday, 4 July 2016

July 4 - Collaboration with ANET International Group® established

Work Package 2 of Future Sahel explores ways to increase nursery-to-field transplantation survival rates of a panel of Sahelian tree species. A 5 hectares experimental plot is currently being set up with the support of the Senegalese Water and Forest Ministry in Ranerou (Northern Senegal). Among the parameters to be tested, we will employ Solid Rain®, which are biodegradable granules that absorb up to 300 times their weight in water which then becomes available over time for the young trees.  We have established a collaboration with ANET International Group®, which commercializes Solid Rain®. They have kindly provided us with the granules so that they can be tested in small scale experimental plantations before envisaging its use in large scale reforestation along the Green Wall.

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